Tell Me About Famous Barbados Women


It seems like Barbados is heaven on Earth, and people who have visited it once will come back again. It’s impossible to resist the beauty of this island – its purest sand, amazing beaches, and pristine nature. And if you were lucky to be born here, you’re the happiest person in the world. It doesn’ matter if you stay here or try to gain success somewhere else because the piece of Barbados is always in your heart.

No doubt that its fantastic views belong to the most significant sceneries in the world, but Bajans make this divine place special too. And if someone asks you, “tell me about famous Barbados women,” share the stories that you’ll see here. Girls from this country are friendly, smart, attractive, and independent – these words are more than evident truth.

Barbadian Women: the Combination of Beauty and Intellect

Barbados women combine tenderness and impressive strength that allows them to achieve what they want in this life. When surfing the Internet and looking for the latest news about celebrities, notice that a large number of them were born on this island. The chances are that you didn’t even have an idea that they came from Barbados. And next time you’d like to get more information that stands behind your favorite singer or actress, remember that she can be Bajan. It’s the right moment to say, “tell me about famous Barbados women.” And you’ll get the information you want to get – meet the smartest and the most beautiful ladies:

1. Rihanna

You’ve definitely heard her songs on the radio, or even have one of her albums. But did you know that Rihanna was born in Barbados? She won all hearts with her first song “Pon De Replay,” and today, this talented girl keeps on making us happy with her music. If someone asks you, “tell me about famous Barbados women,” you can mention Rihanna without a doubt. She won American Music Awards, BRIT Awards, Grammy, and many more.

2. Leah Marville

When searching for famous Barbados girl names, consider reading the information about Leah Marville. Beauty queen, journalist, and Miss Barbados World 2009 winner, she’s one of the most influential ladies who was born in this country. Her international career is a bright example of years of passionate work and commitment.

3. Amanda Reifer

Someone says this girl is the next Rihanna, but no doubt that she is beautiful in her way. Amanda Reifer is a member of the Cover Drive band – she’s a lead singer that turns their songs into incredible pieces. She’s also one of Barbados celebrities who charms everybody around.

4. Shaznay Lewis

The British singer with Bajan roots is in love with this island. Shaznay Lewis has visited it more than nine times, and it’s not the end of her family’s Barbados story. She’s sure that if you want to get acquainted with the Carribean paradise, this place should be the 1st on your list. Explore Barbados lifestyle, listen to the local music, and soon this place will occupy your heart.

Tell Me About Barbados Women: What Makes Them Special

Famous people from Barbados don’t forget about their roots – they don’t miss a chance to tell everyone that they came from the island. It seems like they’re surrounded by a unique atmosphere that attracts us so much. And it’s not only because of their charm and human qualities. Bajan celebrities keep on saying that their native country is like paradise on Earth, and its culture and traditions are key to their personalities.

Tell me about famous Barbados women” – if your friend asks you to do that, you know what to say. Don’t forget to mention that Bajan girls are easy-going and friendly. They willingly get acquainted with new people. Besides, the women of Barbados respect their ethnic roots, and they’re proud of their national identity.

As you can see, Bajans are fantastic musicians, and many people from this country decided to dedicate their lives to this sphere. Actually, if you’re lucky to visit the island, you’ll notice that melodies and songs are everywhere in the air here. And in case you find the girl of your dreams in this country, don’t forget to keep Barbados wedding traditions and choose the best local music. It will be an unforgettable ceremony.

Many famous women were born in Barbados. No doubt that all the local ladies are smart, friendly, and incredibly attractive. They never forget where they came from and respect their roots – this detail is important today because there are not so many celebrities who willingly uncover their background. Barbados culture and traditions live in the hearts and minds of people who were born here, and each representative of this land shines bright like a diamond.