An essay as an educational work allows the student to most fully express their own thoughts, reflect personal considerations and ideas about the world – even if their source is only other people’s works and not an individual experience. It’s good when the topic set by the teacher finds a response in the soul (or an essay on a free topic is given), but this is not always the case – and then problems arise when writing an essay.

Luckily any student can always ask for help from an experienced essay writer. The team of authors employed by HandmadeWriting is well aware that the essay has a not quite standard structure. 

It should not contain a table of contents, bibliography, and, sometimes, even a title page. This is a free genre that can be expressed by the author in any way they want. 

The only condition that determines the structure of writing an essay is logic. Everything should be built according to the laws of logic. 

The essay writing scheme practically does not change regardless of size and is preserved even in a mini-essay. 

Despite the fact that this type of student work has a free form, it has structural features. First of all, they are conditioned by the requirements for this genre: 

  • All the thoughts of the author must be presented in a thesis; 
  • Each thesis must be supported by arguments.

Arguments, in this case, are specific well-known facts, events, phenomena, objects, scientifically proven facts, etc. The author’s phrase: “My grandmother told me about it,” cannot be considered an argument. Links to books or movies are appropriate. 

An average essay is usually small in size (the standard volume is a few A4 sheets), begins with a statement of the problem, followed by the approval of several (usually three) theses and 2-3 arguments for these theses. All this ends with a general conclusion.

By applying to services of experts, you instantly get rid of the next mistakes:

  • Organizational problems. These are the mistakes that the student commits even before they sit down to work. You don’t have to organize yourself. The only work you have to do is to check the delivered material whenever you want.
  • Content mistakes. This view lies in the purely technical plan of your work.
  • Design mistakes. Everything that is associated with flaws in the design of your work belongs here. Remember that there are criteria for evaluating an essay, which includes design rules. Don’t worry about the layout before your writing is ready. The finished text (and the title page, if required) can be formatted according to the sample.

With the knowledge of how to write essays correctly, you can avoid common mistakes and create engaging and convincing work. 

It is quite easy to find a sample of writing an essay on the Internet, but it must be remembered that not all freely available works are done at a high level. Remain critical of the writings of anonymous authors and better trust professionals in the academic writing field.

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