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Have you ever imagined yourself walking along the golden beaches of Barbados? In this dream, the purest waters are gently touching the island, and you hear the most pleasant sound in the world. Well, if it’s only your fantasy, someone is luckier than you’re – for example, a famous celebrity with an amazing voice.

Rihanna is like an exotic flower – her beauty and manners are incomparable. Did you know she was born in Barbados? If it’s something new to you, then you’ve probably missed something interesting. Here’re some important facts about this celebrity.

A Few Facts About One of the Most Famous Barbadians: Rihanna

Of course, you knew that Barbados is like paradise, but you probably didn’t hear about Rihanna’s nationality. This beautiful girl was born here, and she knows what the most impressive sunsets look like. Now, she’s a songwriter, musician, businesswoman, and actress who lives in the USA, but she doesn’t forget where she came from.

Rihanna is a pop and R&B singer from Barbados who became popular in the 2000s. Her progress in the music, fashion, and filmmaking industry is impressive. But what year was Rihanna born? Her Birthday is on the 20th of February. The singer who became popular all over the world was born in 1988. Rihanna isn’t the only child – she has two brothers. Her father has kids from other relationships.

Rihanna was always fond of music. Her childhood days were full of reggae, Carribean local music, hip-hop, and R&B. The school talent competition was her triumph because she won it with Mariah Carey’s song. It was the period when the girl created a music band with her friends. No doubt that these were lucky days for this beauty because her talent was noticed. Evan Rogers helped Rihanna with a song recording, and later she started working with Jay-Z.

What part of Barbados is Rihanna from? This famous Bajan was born in the parish of St. Michael. She lived in Bridgetown till 2005 – then, the girl went to try her luck in the USA.

This hard-working girl attracted the attention of the audience with her song “Pon De Replay”, and it was the beginning of her international popularity. Rihanna’s first recordings combined Carrebian rhythms and dance-pop vibes that made people love these songs so much. Of course, soon she decided to transform the melodies and her art, but it’s still something that shows where she belongs.

Next time when someone asks you, “Is Rihanna from Barbados?” be ready to answer “Yes.” She inspires us with beauty, strength, and passionate love for everything she creates. Rihanna’s discography contains the following albums:

  • Music of the Sun”.
  • A Girl Like Me”.
  • Good Girl Gone Bad”.
  • Rated R”.
  • Loud”.
  • Talk That Talk”.
  • Unapologetic”.
  • Anti”.
  • R9”.

This star loves her native island and catches each opportunity to visit her family and friends there. You can find videos of Rihanna speaking Bajan or with an accent, and it’s a part of her identity. Although she’s one of the most hard-working, influential, and philanthropy-addicted celebrities, she finds time to go to Barbados. Rihanna says that it’s the place that makes her feel happy, and no wonder why. 

First of all, it’s the place where she lived when she was a child. And secondly, this island is one of the most beautiful places in the world. There are many Rihanna interviews that demonstrate how much she loves Barbados. And it’s hard to find another famous person who likes to tell about the native places as much as she does.

If you decide to visit Barbados, the chances are that you’ll meet a special celebrity there. Go to the local bars or restaurants, listen to the local music, get acquainted with residents, and you’ll feel at home. It’s a peaceful place that gives relaxation and happiness to people. 

Kadooment Day is a perfect occasion to see Rihanna dancing at Barbados carnival – she loves this holiday as it’s where you can enjoy the festive atmosphere and go wild on the dance floor. And maybe you’ll meet a girl like her on this island – Bajans are unique and attractive. This star proves that Barbadian women are fantastically beautiful and smart.